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I create viral media for things I care about - and to get the stories out of my head that keep me up at night. 

GoldieBlox, Seedwell, and Rhyme Combinator are

my three entrepreneurial babies. I also have one human baby.

I'm proud to say my work got me an Emmy, a Superbowl commercial for free, 250 Million+ views on YouTube, app of the year, toy of the year, and is helping get young princesses into engineering.

Here's a smattering of things I'm proud to have written, produced, or directed.


I'm a nerd. I grew up freestyle rapping in private school basements.

Seattle summers, San Francisco marches and Oakland first fridays. 

I believe it takes the same attitude to sell a tape out of a trunk 

as it does to sell a computer out of a garage.

I think Silicon Valley takes itself too seriously. 

My1- year old son is a feminist like his dad.

My wife and my sister are my heroes.



Contact me if you think it's a good (or horrible) idea to make a musical

that's like Silicon Valley meets Hamilton.

Success! Message received.

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