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The quick intro update


I just made a jump.

From my full time job at GoldieBlox (making media to get girls into engineering)

To my full time job at Rhyme Combinator (making media to champion positive entrepreneurial culture)

This feels like jumping from one dream to another.

The thing about dreams is they're pretty much impossible. This is well documented. Broken Bells puts it nicely "there's no shortcut to a dream, it's all blood and sweat and life is what you manage in between."

The GoldieBlox dream is real and continues to make great changes for the next generation (I'm happy to remain on the board!). The Rhyme Combinator dream is a fledgling vision - one that has kept me up at night for the last 2 years (In addition to my 1 year old).

With Rhyme Combinator, I'm attempting to produce a musical that laughs at the impossible hustle of entrepreneurial dreams, while still celebrating them. The musical influence? Hiphop, a culture with its own traditions of entrepreneurship, and the music I grew up with and continue to be inspired by.

This production has already been like therapy for me and perhaps will be relevant to others who have pretended to kill it for years while struggling.

I know I'm ready to jump into this fully because I am certain I will not regret struggling through it regardless of the outcome. Thanks Mike Lewis for articulating that.

The thing is I've never produced a musical before.

And so the blood and sweat continues.

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