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A sharing experiment (dream chaser)

I'm gonna try something this year.

Sharing what I've written down in my notebook or what I'm freestyling about,

or things that I've kept private this year before 2018... I'm gonna try sharing.

A bunch of it's gonna suck

I'm sure a lot of it deserves not to be heard by anyone but me.

Sorry about that.

Dream chaser.

My baby’s face is pure

Mine’s just a trace of a blur

His shows what he’s thinking

It’s clear

Mine’s a poker face so you can’t see

my fear

I’mma try not to teach him,

But I doubt that I can reach him.

Chase that dream

I'mma face that dream

He’s a one year old boy

and the world is his toy

to play with.

Before he can walk and talk

he can’t say shit.

But he knows shit

In the moment

And he’s open

And he’s gropin

Putting everything he finds

In his mouth until he’s chokin.

It’s no joke man

Is it dirt?

Is it food?

He learns to cut his teeth

Way before he learns his beliefs

We all started out like this

Since birth.

And then we learned to hide our greed

to conquer the earth.

I can’t hear what he’s thinking

but I can see what he’s feeling

in his face, it’s pure

Mine betrays like a blur

You won’t hear what he thinks

he won’t talk.

Pick him up, he is yours

until he can walk.

Then he’s yours to chase.

Like a dream.

That you face.

What keeps you up at night?

That’s your dream

Face it.

And this is where you go to chase it.

Ok, that was it, pretty absurd. The chorus sounds like grover.

Well, week one.

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