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Entrepreneurs are liars

We lie about how big something will become

to offset how small that likelihood is.

And then get depressed by invariably disappointing

our astronomical expectations.

So why do it?

Maybe the real reason we do startups isn't for the money or success (if it is, good luck!),

but for the freedom to make our own decisions.

It's for those of us too ashamed or insecure to work for big companies

where it doesn't matter if we show up...

too selfish to share our credit and failure with a large organization...

too impatient to wait for other people's decisions...

we chase our own dreams to prove to ourselves

that we have them.

And because we have the luxury of being able to.

We chase them as examples to others who don't yet have that luxury.

We have to.

The only thing worse than failing at your dream

is failing at something that is not.

Followed closely by succeeding at someone else's dream.

Success simply means surviving and sustaining the chase -

the more patient the pursuit,

the longer you get to live it.

When you catch the dream, it's over.

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