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2 weeks in

Still finding my routine and patience.

It's great staying with Jodie and Karen in LA.

There's no substitute for going line by line through the script

with another mind I trust.

If it's just me, with no one to bounce ideas off,

I can do that for one round and be productive.

After that I'm not so sure.

The inner critic voice gets loud and tells me everything sucks.

Then it's all about finding someone you can trust who you're not just competing with.

I can do it with Jodie.

I can do it with Sara.

We've made it through 2/3 of the Act II revisions and it feels good.

Now we have the last 3 songs, which is some heavy lifting.

How does Linus gain his confidence? How does Conway decide to turn around?

Where does Tica fit in and how does this thing end?

Yeah we have to answer those questions.

And then we get to have a locked script!

And then I get to figure out the video projection.

I'm VERY excited for that. To do it with a director who is focused on the stage -

and have the two blend together.

I think we figured out how to work in the startup rap battles and the hiphop timeline.

Those are important to ground this show in the communities we hope to connect.

New working on getting the right voices to represent them.

I can see how it all comes together.

It's clear in my mind. It will take time.

It will take patience to convince the right people to get involved.

It will take proof.

It will take me, in person.

I can do that.

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